blog / 10.30.2019

Meet Harris Isola

We’ve been fans of Harris Isola from the start. In fact, id created, Inc. proudly features this product on our home page. You’ve probably seen the image below or maybe even used it for inspiration on one of your projects. Mark Anderson, CEO and founder, has discovered during his interactions...

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blog / 10.31.2018

See How our Hidden Gems Stood out at ASLA

Philadelphia was the perfect setting to host the ASLA Annual Meeting and EXPO according to ASLA President, Gregory A. Miller, who called it a "city famous for bringing bright minds together to accomplish the remarkable.” The landscape architects we met with this year are indeed remarkable, breathing life into our...

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blog / 10.05.2018

5 Hidden Gems: ASLA 2018 Insights

SourceASLA President Gregory Miller says, “Landscape architecture is the art and science of designing space in a way that creates meaningful connections. Our work brings people together, connects people to nature, and respects natural systems and the impact these systems have on our lives.”The ASLA Annual Meeting and EXPO is...

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blog / 08.15.2018

17 Unique Litter Bin Designs

Whether a location is public or private, there will always be a need for litter bins to help keep debris to a minimum. These containers are common in every place, so they rarely get a second thought. Incorporating unique litter bins into your design means they’ll be used more frequently...

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blog / 08.07.2018

Creating Public Places That Matter

In most cities and neighborhoods, communities are feeling the effects of our progressive, technology-dependent world. As more of our life moves to automation and online services that don’t require human interaction, the creation of socially designed public spaces is more critical than ever to mending social bonds that have broken...

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blog / 07.23.2018

Community Benches That Inspire

It goes without saying that site furnishings can have a significant impact on public spaces. Bench seating has long been the best choice for community spaces where social interaction between people and their environment is the goal. Seating has come a long way from the standard bench. Designers and landscape...

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blog / 06.28.2018

Using Social Design to Revive Urban Spaces

Social design is about creating spaces where people can connect. It's about turning the space into a place that inspires long conversations, connection to the community and the outdoor landscape. Within social design, mindful selection of materials and products is imperative for a successfully designed urban space. All components within...

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blog / 06.13.2018

June 2018: Introducing our new website and showroom.

At id created, Inc., we are passionate about great service and developing resources that enhance our client’s experiences and creative processes. This month we are proud to announce the launch of our beautifully redesigned website and the grand opening of our stunning new showroom. Both are exceptional tools that offer...

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