blog / 09.11.2022

KORE 2022 Giveaway

Up for grabs! One US project will win KORE after being featured at the upcoming ASLA EXPO BOOTH 627 in November 2022!The product will ship directly from the ASLA EXPO at the close of the trade show on or about November 14th, 2022 at no cost. id created will gift...

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blog / 08.12.2021


What you will find in STILE results from Metalco's hard work and invaluable collaborations with architects, designers, and urban planners with whom they share ideas and passions. Many agree that the tactical experience of the printed lookbook is unparallel to the digital experience. So we invite you to unplug and...

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blog / 06.16.2020

Alberto Mattiello interviews Luca Nichetto on his idea of ​​a parklet

Nichetto Studio presents Baia designed for Metalco: a modular system of platforms that redefines the concept of a parklet. Watch the interview here.A hybrid between a public park and a parking lot, parklets have become an answer to give new life to unused urban spaces, becoming a meeting point for...

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blog / 02.18.2020

The Benefits of Corten

Corten steel, also known as weathering steel, is a material commonly used in architecture and landscaping design. It is strong, durable and its weathered look is timeless. Corten steel’s name comes from its utility: it stands for corrosion-resistant tensile-strength steel.

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blog / 01.08.2020

A Letter From Mark Anderson, CEO

We’re committed to making it easy to realize Metalco products in the U.S. and Canada.We achieve this by being local, having impeccable product knowledge, improving our resources (such as my personal favorite: our website that now delivers filterable photo inspiration with clear paths to tangible product information and downloads), and...

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blog / 10.30.2019

Meet Harris Isola

We’ve been fans of Harris Isola from the start. In fact, id created, Inc. proudly features this product on our home page. You’ve probably seen the image below or maybe even used it for inspiration on one of your projects. Mark Anderson, CEO and founder, has discovered during his interactions...

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blog / 10.31.2018

See How our Hidden Gems Stood out at ASLA

Philadelphia was the perfect setting to host the ASLA Annual Meeting and EXPO according to ASLA President, Gregory A. Miller, who called it a "city famous for bringing bright minds together to accomplish the remarkable.” The landscape architects we met with this year are indeed remarkable, breathing life into our...

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blog / 10.05.2018

5 Hidden Gems: ASLA 2018 Insights

SourceASLA President Gregory Miller says, “Landscape architecture is the art and science of designing space in a way that creates meaningful connections. Our work brings people together, connects people to nature, and respects natural systems and the impact these systems have on our lives.”The ASLA Annual Meeting and EXPO is...

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