Not all products are available in all wood species. In order to check the wood available for each product please refer to the individual product descriptions or inquire.

Vegetable-based Oil:

Attention: Wood surfaces treated with oil naturally tend to turn grey in a variable period of time depending on the environmental characteristics of the place of installation of the product. The formation of the grey patina is a physiological reaction and is a self-protection of wood against weathering, while not affecting the quality of the product. It is still possible to reduce the greying of the wood by making a regular renewal of the oiling process (see “Care and Maintenance”).

1. Automatic brushing

2. Application of oil with spray gun and brush

3. Storage for air drying

4. Visual quality control

Water-based Paint:

Attention: Metalco strongly recommends not to choose varnished wood when a regular maintenance is not possible (see “Care and Maintenance”) and/or in case of severe atmospheric conditions (saline area, high pollution, steady sun and high-temperature exposure, etc.). In such conditions, in fact, varnish coat will quickly deteriorate, causing visible peeling.

1. Base coat with catalyzed insulation (160 microns) – spray application**

2. Drying (4-6 hours) and automatic brushing**

3. Coat with water-based paint (200 microns) spray application

4. Storage for air drying

5. Visual quality control

**Only on Okumè

It is very important to follow the manufacturer's “Care and Maintenance” guide to retain your product's warranty. In case of any doubt about the proper maintenance procedure, please contact id created, Inc. for support.

FSC certification upon request. Subject to availability, price surcharge, and extended lead times.

Wood Material Sheet

Wood Material Sheet

Care And Maintenance

Care And Maintenance