KORE 2022 Giveaway

Free to one lucky winner, an award-winning, three-piece modular seating element.

Up for grabs! One US project will win KORE after being featured at the upcoming ASLA EXPO BOOTH 627 in November 2022!

The product will ship directly from the ASLA EXPO at the close of the trade show on or about November 14th, 2022 at no cost. id created will gift the product valued at over 17k US dollars and cover the freight to the winning recipient.

Product description: (1) Kore A, (1) Kore B, and (1) Kore C (each different shapes) in High-Performance Concrete (HPC) White with VELUTTO finish, and Powder Coated Steel Supports in SABLE MW 3021, each 1750mm x 1750mm. The seats can be installed individually or in linear composition (A+B+C).

Do you have a project in mind for this award-winning design?

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