Alberto Mattiello interviews Luca Nichetto on his idea of ​​a parklet

Luca Nichetto

Luca Nichetto

Nichetto Studio presents Baia designed for Metalco: a modular system of platforms that redefines the concept of a parklet. Watch the interview here.

A hybrid between a public park and a parking lot, parklets have become an answer to give new life to unused urban spaces, becoming a meeting point for the neighborhood and an element capable of modeling character local. Luca Nichetto presents Baia: a modular platform system designed for Metalco that redefines the parklet concept. Starting from the habits and needs of living in the city, Baia offers a series of functional elements to create areas that instill a sense of warmth and hospitality, where nature inspires and lives in perfect harmony with design.

We acknowledge and appreciate the concept of slowing the flow of people to promote socialization. Restaurants, stores, bars, etc. will need additional space for waiting outside. Baia is a product that has the potential to redefine the quality of life in our cities. These linear parklets could line our city streets, much like those that line the oceans, possibly becoming the new plaza.