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id created

id created is the sole authorized representative of Metalco products in the United States and Canada. Metalco, best known for its high-quality and high design, blends quality craftsmanship with an industry-leading design. Celebrating more than 30 years of experience worldwide, this Italian company meets customer expectations and satisfaction with products that are innovative, have great style and are produced with the ecosystem in mind. id created, Inc. offers more than 3,000 items and has always been at the cutting edge with a range of products that continue to improve the quality of life in cities throughout the world.

Metalco srl

Metalco is a company internationally known for its production of street furniture. Founded in 1984 from the encounter of two young entrepreneurs, the partnership started its activity with a small production of modular fences, seating, benches, litter bins and cycle racks, characterized by innovative design and audacious colors.

During the formative years, the commercial success obtained in Italy and abroad, pushed the firm to a constant search and experimentation in design, materials and in the manufacturing processes: progressively, the range of products increased, with new products arriving including shelters for public transport, barriers, bollards, advertising supports, public illumination, pods and much more.

When the new Millennium began, the market grew and Metalco did too: between 1999 and 2000 a new 25,000 sq.m manufacturing and commercial headquarters opened utilizing the most advanced technologies within the sector.

To keep Metalco at the forefront of the industry a technical department and an R&D division was set up, which is constantly committed to the development of new products. Over the years the firm has developed and keeps developing many prestigious collaborations: worldwide famous architects and designers like Antonio Citterio, Pininfarina, Marc Aurel, Alessandro Lenarda and many others, have signature products and collections for Metalco.

Result: Metalco today boasts the broadest existing range of street and outdoor furniture and metallic modular fences, known in over 4,000 cities across 32 Countries.

Metalco is a pioneer in luxury style and social design. Founded on community spirit, Metalco believes in bringing people outside to connect with nature and bond with their fellow citizens. As such, each of Metalco’s products are designed by world-renowned designers to attract people to urban spaces and inspire connectivity.

Metalco’s vast line of site amenities is designed to provide designers with the vocabulary needed to author their own urban poetry. With numerous standard accessories and customization options, designers have artistic freedom to design the pieces they desire and create spaces that make citizens feel at home.

Metalco's designers

To ensure quality and cohesive design, Metalco has in-house design, technical and manufacturing departments. By keeping everything in the family, Metalco is able to achieve synergic development throughout all project phases, enhancing characteristics of materials and ensuring world-leading quality. For added inspiration, Metalco partners with world-renowned designers to create fresh, unique site amenities.

As a result, Metalco provides innovative, trusted site amenities and continues to redefine the concept of street furniture. Metalco has been recognized by and received awards from major associations for high-quality design.

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