Powder Coated Steel and Aluminum

Galvanization on steel:

For coated steel products, Metalco uses alternatively three galvanizing systems: hot-dip galvanizing, sendzimir galvanization, and cold galvanization

Metalco selects the galvanizing system most suitable for the thickness and/or shape and/or manufacturing process of each article.

Coating on steel and aluminum:

1. Preparation (Sandblasting or manual sanding)
2. Alkaline degreasing
3. Rinsing with water system
4. Rinsing with demineralized water
5. Passivation film-forming
6. Drying with hot air 160° C
7. Application of epoxy primer zinc*
8. Polymerization in the oven 185° C*
9. Cooling*
10. Application of electrostatic pure powder polyester
11. Polymerization in the oven 185° C
12. Cooling
13. Final test
(*)only on request and/or on cast iron components

Metalco’s standard treatment is polyester powder coated paint with a wrinkled matte effect. Only on request, if it’s possible, products can be coated with a glossy finish for an additional charge.

The reproduction of colors on computer monitors and in print is not a true RAL match. To compare the relative RAL colors use a commercial RAL card.

It is very important to follow the manufacturer's “Care and Maintenance” guide to retain your product's warranty. In case of any doubt about the proper maintenance procedure, please contact id created, Inc. for support.

RAL Material Sheet

RAL Material Sheet

Care And Maintenance

Care And Maintenance