Meet Harris Isola

We’ve been fans of Harris Isola from the start. In fact, id created, Inc. proudly features this product on our home page. You’ve probably seen the image below or maybe even used it for inspiration on one of your projects. Mark Anderson, CEO and founder, has discovered during his interactions with design firms across the country that this is a very well recognized and often used image. Now you can meet the Harris Isola in person at ASLA 2019. Please be our guest at booth #1327.

This single offering encompasses what Metalco stands for: Social Design for Real Life. Last month we were visited by our Metalco liaison Alberto Saviane who shared that “Modularity is Freedom.” Options for personalization versus customization is easy to articulate using the Harris Isola as our example. This one product has all of the compliments to satisfy an array of site sizes and site needs, making it an optimal site furnishing solution.

The magic starts with three basic shapes, but when combined they create something more.

Use the standard sizes or personalize, for one of a kind configurations. Each element can be manipulated to personalize lengths, widths, as well as additional accessories. This new installation in Ohio has been added to our portfolio.

With support from the id created team, Metalco reviews and prepares a plan for manufacturing based on your design. Careful consideration is given to ensure the sections are of an appropriate size for successful transport as well as seamless installation. Gone are the days where this has to be design built. Avoid the hassle and time associated with hoping you’ll get what you wanted. The process is also far less disruptive on-site, as the receiver needs only to take receipt and install your specification. Fewer interruptions to other trades are more likely to improve the construction schedule rather than lengthen it.

Come see for yourself at ASLA 2019 in San Diego.