Pietre di Marmo Concrete (PDM)

PDM, also referred to as reconstituted marble stone, is produced using a mixture of binder and aggregates of granite or marble, thoroughly washed and screened, available in different colors (granite, white marble or black marble).

Key Features:

Usually, seating and horizontal surfaces are polished, while all vertical surfaces are sandblasted or bush- hammered. Only upon request and with a price surcharge, some products can be fully polished.

The surfaces in reconstituted stone are treated with a special “Anti-deterioration” coating, transparent satin matte, which increases the durability, thereby preserving the object’s natural appearance.

As a standard, the surfaces are treated with a special “Anti-deterioration” treatment, which increases the product’s life and resistance characteristics to rain erosion, mold and similar events.

Generally, PDM products come equipped with bushings embedded in the stone, suitable for eyebolts to facilitate with the handling and installation.

It is very important to follow the manufacturer's “Care and Maintenance” guide to retain your product's warranty. In case of any doubt about the proper maintenance procedure, please contact id created, Inc. for support.

PDM Material Sheet PDF

Care And Maintenance

Care And Maintenance