Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC)

Metalco’s innovative UHPC is a mixture of very fine (approx. 0.05mm grain size) natural mineral components (cement and granite or marble aggregates) and organic poly-vinyl alcohol (PVA) fibers (non- metallic), which ensures resistance and flexibility, and allows a smaller amount of cement to produce an item, thus obtaining some thinner profiles which frequently result in lighter weight products.

Possible ALFA surface finishes of UHPC products are below.

Not all products are available in all finishes. In order to check the finishing available on each product, please refer to individual product data sheet for descriptions.

As a standard, the surfaces are treated with a special “Anti-deterioration” treatment, which increases the product’s life and resistance characteristics to rain erosion, mold and similar events.

On request, and at an additional cost, an “Anti-graffiti” treatment is available which permits the removal of vandalism carried out with different types of sprays and permanent markers.

Generally, UHPC products come equipped with bushings embedded in the stone, suitable for eyebolts to facilitate with the handling and installation.

It is very important to follow the manufacturer's “Care and Maintenance” guide to retain your product's warranty. In case of any doubt about the proper maintenance procedure, please contact id created, Inc. for support.

UHPC Material Sheet PDF

Care And Maintenance

Care And Maintenance