Isolaurbana is a socially designed modular seating system that features multiple components. To specify use the individual components within the collection to assemble your own unique layout. Components include planter elements in powder coated steel with height options of 420mm (FB) or 560mm (FA) with supports in powder coated aluminum. Capacity: 54lt. Seating elements in hardwood. Options include a single bench (W) or a double bench (WT), or a two-level bench/table (WT) with powder coated aluminum supports. Seating elements in High Performance Concrete; grey, white or dark grey, all sides VELLUTO finish (D) and can also be supplied with two wood seats (DTS) in hardwood. Standard Anti-Deterioration treatment on concrete components. Specify standard color or provide 4-digit RAL for powder steel components. Accessories for concrete: Backrest, armrest and armrest with laptop holder (DTS+A) in powder coated steel available. Freestanding. Add options: Concrete polishing available for top only or all sides. Anti-Graffiti treatment for concrete and powder coated steel, zinc rich TRIPLEX primer for powder coated steel. Post-production lighting upon request.

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