Pamio Design

Pamio Design

Pamio Design was founded in 2000 as an operative cell joined to the Roberto Pamio Architecture Studio and saw the arrival of two new professionals, Matteo and Paolo Pamio.

The base was developed by Roberto Pamio, who works intensely on an international level both in architectural planning and design. His creative sensibility led him to move towards industrial design at a young age, developing his own personal interpretation which found full expression through lighting and interior furnishings.

Knowledge of the materials and the close attention to detail distinguish his design objects. This is also reflected in the realization of architectural projects for a perfect fusion and synergy of space and furniture needs.

The balance of the three personalities: Roberto, Matteo, and Paulo, has made it possible to put a more innovative approach side by side with experience. This allows the ability to give the design a unique significance, determined by the fusion of important concepts such as proportion, technology, and aesthetics. Formed under the banner of art and design, they have transferred new technology and creativity to the studio. They enhance original concepts, using alternative materials, such as carbon, into innovative areas of application in the world of sustainable energy and a project vision inspired by the values of contemporary life.

Developed projects are many and varied. The world of lighting that has seen important collaborations from (Artemide, Fabbian, iGuzzini, Leucos, Oty Light, Studio Italia Design, Antonangeli) to the furniture sector (Arc Linea, Arflex, Matteograssi, Offital, Seven) and for the home (Palluco, Cadel, C2, Biesse).

Of particular significance are the many street furniture projects done in partnership with Metalco and Calzavara. These have the practical application of new technologies, such as the photovoltaic system, or the use of ecological materials, instruments that characterize an operating philosophy focussed on the development of an original and sustainable design.