17 Unique Litter Bin Designs

Whether a location is public or private, there will always be a need for litter bins to help keep debris to a minimum. These containers are common in every place, so they rarely get a second thought. Incorporating unique litter bins into your design means they’ll be used more frequently and make a positive contribution to the overall surroundings.

These 17 unique litter bin designs are made to stand out when you want them to be seen or blend in when you don’t.

1. Clean Design Features


Large bins on a sidewalk can impede pedestrians and take up valuable space.

Instead, bins such as this triad design feature a smaller footprint that doesn’t compete with the landscape. When mounted off the ground, they aren’t in the way of pedestrians, can’t be tipped over, and with a guard overhead, they are protected from rain.

2. Divide and Conquer


For places that emphasize recycling, a divided bin is the way to go. This sleek design features gas struts, which helps automate opening the lid for easy access, and features rigid steel liners, which makes emptying the litter bins more efficient.

The three compartment design also has an option for a side compartment to store a fire extinguisher. The compartments for both waste and recyclables are separated with clearly marked and customizable color-coded indicators, giving users clear direction of where to place their rubbish.

3. Mixing Materials


Mixing materials is a great way to make your litter bin stand out. This design features a powder-coated steel frame with two wood-slat doors: One door is fixed, while the other door swings out to empty the bin and can be locked when closed.

The mix of steel and wood creates a beautiful juxtaposition that allows the bin to blend in with the nearby wood tables and surrounding industrial buildings.

4. Unexpected Places


This round bin is a discreet way to provide a necessary function without taking away from a location’s design. With varying colors and an optional pole mount, this versatile litter bin is as useful as it is novel.

5. Unobtrusive Design


Sometimes you need a litter bin that can get the job done without attracting unwanted attention. This container has a simple design that allows it to blend in with its surroundings. The large capacity enables it to handle the high traffic area without being a distraction from the beautiful setting.

6. Utilizing Space


Narrow walkways still need a place for pedestrians to place their rubbish. The flat back of this bin allows it to be attached to the wall, making it the perfect choice for a tight space. The flared lid and clean lines add an element of design while still ensuring it’s easy to use.

7. Sleek Design


This litter bin will definitely make you look twice with its clean lines and angled cover. The bin is available in custom colors, and can have a contrasting colored backdrop behind laser cut designs or logos. A large opening makes it easy for passersby to help keep the site neat and tidy, and the optional built-in ashtray encourages safe disposal of cigarettes.

8. Garden Setting


This powder-coated steel bin arches out gracefully at the top, calling attention to its unique shape. What better way to keep a garden setting clean than with a litter bin design that mimics the shape of an open flower?

9. Colorful Design


A little color can go a long way toward catching people’s eye. These large bins have a colorful top with four different customizable shades that sort into four separate litter compartments. The divided lid helps encourage the proper sorting of recyclables from litter and helps keep the area cleaner.

10. In Tune With Nature


The use of natural materials is a great choice when your design’s goal is to connect people with nature. This bin is available with FSC-certified larch wood on the sides, offers sleek lines and a custom-colored steel top. The total look promotes sustainability and blends perfectly with the natural beauty of the site.

11. Tubular Steel Bin


Open design and litter bins aren’t usually associated with each other. This tubular steel bin has an industrial appearance that is perfect for modern, urban places. The tubes of steel are close enough to make the bin functional but far enough apart to add negative space to the design.

12. Sleek Stainless Steel


Sometimes choosing the best bin design involves matching it to other architectural features nearby. In this case, that means using sleek, stainless steel to match the planters and decorative features in the surrounding lobby. Stainless steel has the added benefit of being both easy to clean and highly durable.

13. Mixed Material


Made of the same material as a nearby bollard, this bin blends nicely into its surroundings, and the powder-coated steel lid makes it easy to keep clean. The two materials together help make the bin noticeable enough for use, without disrupting the look and feel of the design.

14. Custom Advertising Space


Litter bins need to hold garbage, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t also be visually appealing. This creative design suspends a steel bin in the middle of a frame, and can include either a square laser-cut pattern or a space for advertising. Plus, the bin tilts on its frame for easy emptying when unlocked.

15. Blooming Bins


These creative, blossom-shaped litter bins bring a little whimsy to this open hall. When the bins are numerous enough, they become a repeating pattern and part of the interior design of the area, while still retaining their functionality.

16. Contemporary Bin


Installed close to the wall, this steel bin is out of the way of pedestrians while still remaining easily accessible. The sleek design is an interesting contrast to the rough stone wall and unevenly-spaced brick sidewalk.

17. Rainless Rubbish


This bin is designed to reduce the amount of rainwater that enters the receptacle. Using a patented system, the lid lets only 3.2% of rainwater into the bag below. Plus, the sleek design is a beautiful compliment to any location, and is available in powder coated steel, corten steel or stainless steel finishes.

Litter bins may be the last item on your list when designing a place, but that doesn’t mean they have to look like an afterthought. These inspirational examples incorporate creativity with smart design and show that even a litter bin can be a conversation piece. Visit id created, Inc.’s gallery for even more examples of inspirational designs.