Space Bike


Space modular bike shelter is constructed from a powder coated steel structure with tubular powder coated steel supports, and a cover in 10mm honeycomb polycarbonate sheet, which is supported by a system of powder coated steel sheet ribs and counter-ribs in addition to the the tubular powder coated steel front profile. Choose single or double-sided. Rainwater is collected in the shaped gutter profile (positioned at the back of the single-sided structure and in the middle of the double-sided structure) and carried through the channels directly into the supports. Can be used individually (base module only) or combined together to form longer runs (base + composition modules). To specify more than one shelter together in a single run, always include one base module and desired number of compositions modules. Indicate standard color or provide a 4-digit RAL for the powder coated components. Add option: Log bolts for anchoring. To specify: Please inquire to discuss local requirements. Standard shelters may not meet all local requirements as-is and we invite you to meet with us and discuss your specific project needs.

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