Choose Diamante bench in either linear, 15° or 45° curved seating planes made of High Performance Concrete. Choose granite or white marble, with all sides VELLUTO finish. Specify support SUV (open) in either powder coated steel or stainless steel or support SUP (full) made of powder coated steel. Two supports needed per plane. Standard Anti-Deterioration treatment on concrete components. If applicable specify standard color or provide 4-digit RAL for powder coated steel. Surface mount: anchors not included. Accessories: Diamante Wood seats (linear or 45°), Diamante powder coated steel seats (straight plane only), Diamante tubular steel backrest in powder coated steel or stainless steel (straight plane only), iBox Accessories, Diamante F square planter in High Performance Concrete granite or white marble. Add options: Concrete polishing available for top only and all sides upon request. Anti-Graffiti treatment available for concrete and powder coated steel components. Optional footing kit: Anchors for surface mount or threaded rods for inground.

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