Alessandro Lenarda

Alessandro Lenarda

Alessandro Lenarda (Venice, 1939). Free-rider and adopted cowboy, loves children, horses and good wine.

Be wary of the abstainers, the arrogant and all those who cast the first stone believed to be without sin.

He is an architect that has exhibited at the Venice Biennale five times, been nominated for the “Compasso d’Oro” three times and is exhibited in seven museums. His works have been the subjects of theses and included in the “Patrimonio Culturale della Nazione”.


Bench Volo permanent exhibitions:

  1. Collezione Farnesina Design, Roma and Worldwide
  2. Naitonal museum Holon-Tel a vivi DMH
  3. Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery - Roma Capitale

Bench Volo exhibitions:

January 2010: Vancouver - Casa Italia XXII Winter Olimpics Ganes

June 2010: Pretoria - Casa Azzurri FIFA World Cup

November 2010: Istambu 1 - Cultur European Capital

February - April 2011: Tel a viv Holon National Museum

May - September 2011: Roma Ara Pacis Museum

November 2011: Algeri - Palais des Rais

December 2011 - January 2012: Tunisi-Centre National d'Art Vivant

February 2012: Rabat-Ecole Nationale d'Architecture

July 2012: Helsinky - Museum Musiikkitalo "Ecosoluzioni/Design del quotidiano"

July - August 2012: Lodon "Queen Elizabeth II Conference Center" Olimpics Games

October - November 2012: London-Italian cultural Institute "Palazzo della Farnesina e le sue collezioni"

October 2012 - January 2013: Moscow "Welcome to design - the best Made in Italy"