blog / 08.06.2017


The VITAURBANA collection presents opportunities to invent new spaces, join people together, and live the landscape. This collection embraces Social Design for Real Life and recognizes a designer's role in society to bring about social change through design. Isolaurbana, designed by Massimo Tasca and Raffaele Lazzari, embodies the concept of...

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blog / 07.01.2017


Metalco's new line of socially inspired products: VITAURBANA. Designed around the concept of inspiring community connectivity, the VITAURBANA line of products: Isolaurbana, Alterego, Cobra, and Grandifiroiere, bring about Social Design for Real Life.The VITAURBANA line, as well as a number of Metalco's new products, provide a variety of custom accessories...

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blog / 06.28.2017

Tesla Supercharger Station

In July 2015, Tesla opened its first ever station with 14 stalls in Aosta, Italy. Metalco contributed greatly to the realization of the project by creating custom supports for the station’s solar panels, as well as other unique pieces. For the concept of the supports, Metalco made the bold decision...

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blog / 03.06.2017

Harris Isola Publication

To help you design your Harris Isola, we have created a publication filled with detailed images demonstrating design ideas and product installation, complete with in-depth technical information about this community-inspired product.

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blog / 11.01.2016

ASLA New Orleans 2016

October came quickly and we were more than eager to showcase designs from our new Molecular Concrete and STILE collections. Sixteen beautiful designs were staged in our booth; each work of art. The buzz at the convention was all about id created, Inc. the craftsmanship of Metalco, and the new...

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blog / 09.22.2016

The Bay Area Metro Station

This summer, the Bay Area Quality Management District unveiled their new home located at 375 Beale Street in San Francisco. This stunning building, designed by Bay Area, TEF Design, houses our Sedis Torsion bench created for Metalco by Antonio Citterio and Toan Nguyen. The harmony of beautifully curved wood on...

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blog / 12.23.2014

Metalco for the Sistine Chapel

In the year of its thirtieth anniversary, Metalco has had the honor to collaborate to the renovation of the facilities of the Sistine Chapel. The company has contributed with his Corten steel panels to cover the technological systems on the roof of the Holy Chapel. In the southern facade of...

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blog / 11.17.2014

ASLA Denver 2014

Check us out at booth #237 id created, Inc. invites you to drop by booth 237 at the ASLA Expo, Nov. 22-23 at the Colorado Convention Center. Come by and meet our team & see first hand the high quality and high design that is METALCO. To celebrate 30 years...

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